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GESLabs is a cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing business specializing in alkaloid and cannabinoid active pharmaceutical ingredient extraction. We leverage GACP African raw material suppliers and world-class technology to deliver best-in-class actives for use in pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage.


The GESLabs cGMP Pharmaceutical Quality Management System is at the heart of our operation. Coupled with advanced technology and a highly experienced team we strive to exceed our client expectations. GESLabs offers manufacturing services to produce high-end extracts for your finished goods. We understand specifications and deliver on them. This manufacturing service includes crude > 50% API), intermediate/concentrated (>90% API) or isolated (>98% API) actives.

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We focus on alkaloid and cannabinoid active ingredients derived from consistent and quality raw materials.  liquid dosage applications. We currently offer standardized alkaloid extracts from Sceletium tortuosum and cannabinoids from medical cannabis for use in pharmaceuticals and health supplements. These products are sold as standardized bulk ingredients ready for use in formulations for capsules, liquids, syrups and inhalers.


GESLabs cGMP Manufacturing Laboratory

Nano water-soluble Mesembrine Alkaloids

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