Leading Naturally

Specialist biotechnology company delivering therapeutic actives in the field cannabinoids derived from climate-controlled medical Cannabis sativa and alkaloids derived from Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna). 

Developed for patients, trusted by doctors, and used by pharmacists. 

We believe in harnessing the natural readily abundant active therapies from nature transformed with today’s scientific discoveries.


Pharmaceutical GMP accredited private label services:

  1. Prefilled Syringe Pharmacy Kits
  2. Inhalation Dosage Kits

Services include but not limited:

  1. Source & Strain 
  2. Extraction & Formulation
  3. Technology Transfer
  4. Primary Packaging Solutions
  5. Secondary Packaging Solutions
  6. Stability Testing
  7. Batch Release Testing
  8. Storage & Export 
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Our Global Presence

Our presence extends globally as more countries adopt medicinal Cannabis programs and alkaloid mental health drug development strategies continue. Rules and regulatory frameworks we are familiar with and export to include:

  1. South Africa (SAHPRA)
  2. Germany (BfArM) 
  3. Australia (TGA)
  4. UK (MHRA)

Our Strategic Partners

Raw Material & Product Development

Collaborators & Service Providers

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