About Us

GESLabs is a phytopharmaceutical supplier in Cape Town, South Africa. We extract, manufacture and deliver bulk APIs for global markets.

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Why we exist

The goal is to develop products and technology that grow in conjunction with the ideals of a more natural world. GESLabs aims to be a supportive vehicle that develops the phytopharmaceutical industry for the future of health and wellness. We manufacture active ingredients for use in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical wellness products.

Our team is committed to true sustainable development, economic viability, environmental protection and social equity. GESLabs streamlines projects and collaborations in Southern Africa with local communities in education, job creation and community entrepreneurship.

The GESLabs manufacturing facility supports local farmers and acts as a viable, compliant and committed vehicle for local farmers to sell their harvest. Further value is added at every stage of the development lifecycle with by-product valorisation.

Our Story

Green Engineering Solutions (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2018 by a group of professionals specialising in the field of herbal extraction. GESLabs has now designed and built some of the most successful botanical processing laboratories in Southern Africa. We are a dynamic team focused on innovation and sustainable development.

As of 2020, we have relocated to a facility perfectly situated in the Western Cape of South Africa, surrounded by an abundance of ethically sourced afro-botanicals to process in our manufacturing laboratory. We are in the process of GMP accreditation (forecast accreditation Q1 2021) to extract, process, export and distribute naturally derived APIs and products.

The Green Engineering Experts

Our global team is based in South Africa, Zimbabwe and EU and are involved in projects throughout Africa. We operate using a collaborative approach with “soil to oil” principles to ensure traceability.

David Wilco Drew
Peter-William Nel
Gustav Hugo
Carl Gustav Hugo
Director of Operations
James de Beer
Head of Production
Francois Swan

The Technology

GESLabs has developed a world class botanical processing solution to deliver phytomedicinal active ingredients to global markets. GESlabs makes use of bespoke pharmaceutical grade equipment, designed with reference to the EU GMP standards and the utmost attention to detail. Our system can handle low batch volumes with a high throughput efficiency, giving us and our clients the versatility to process a variety of botanicals with low MoQ’s. Our in-house process controls, data optimisation algorithms and quality management system ensures delivery of best in class API’s. Every Time.

The Leading Edge

We have taken pride in developing a state-of-the-art facility scaled to perfection to deliver consistency and quality to ensure our clients are put first.
Our highly skilled and experienced technical team is able to conceptualise and deliver client specific product requirements with consistency using our bespoke data management and optimisation manufacturing models. ​
We love what we do.
We are a customer-focussed and driven company putting our clients first. Our technical team is committed to hearing what products consumers are demanding and finding a standardised extract to meet those product development demands.
Being positioned in Africa with superior quality biomass we are able to leverage world-class technologies to produce cost-effective high quality extracts and APIs.

Why Phytopharmaceuticals

Phytopharmaceuticals are medicines with active substances derived exclusively from plants. Their efficacy is down to one or several plant substances or active ingredients and have been used for treating ailments since time immemorial. The healing properties of plant medicines are well established with more research going into the field every day. Modern technology compounds the prospects of phytopharmaceutical active discovery and development. A new wave of natural health and wellness is here. GESLabs is at the vanguard of phytopharmaceutical active ingredient delivery, leading naturally.

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