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GES completes active ingredients lab in Cape Town

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Botanical manufacturing pharmaceutical company, GES, has announced the completion of its world-class pharmaceutical laboratory in Cape Town, South Africa, which will serve domestic and international markets with plant extracts including cannabinoids for use in food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Despite the onset of the pandemic, the ambitious project raised 15 million Rand in April this year. In just six months a dedicated team of local scientists, engineers and builders have blended on and off-site work, expertly and safely project managed, to join together in the facility’s completion.

GES completes active ingredients lab in Cape TownThe company is now working with the South African health regulators to ensure the facility and its processes meet the exacting product safety protocols of food and medicinal grade operations.

The company will initially process South African plants including non-psychedelic variants of Cannabis into ingredients for food, beverages and nutraceuticals. Early in 2021 the company will transition to fulfil European markets for prescription-based cannabinoids.

“Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to harvest Southern Africa’s historical healing plants and turn them into world class health products for use in active foods, drinks and medicines” said Peter William Nel, founder and managing director of GES Labs. “We have already developed beneficial health products and ingredients based on Hemp CBD, Pelargonium and lion’s mane mushrooms “.

Wilco Drew, chairperson of GES Europe said: “We are ecstatic at how the team has shown the very best of South African resourcefulness to deliver in this very challenging year. South Africa now has a new world class medicinal grade production laboratory ready to offer new jobs and great products to the market”.

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  1. Hello GES team,
    Best wishes from Canada for your new Active Ingredients Lab in Cape Town.

    Recognize the centrifuge, running the same platform (ethanol at -30C) for 720 kg material per day. Work with Blue Sky Hemp Ventures in Canada.

    Excited to see your work with hemp cannabinoids, pelargonium and Lion’s Mane (and other functional fungi).

    Would like to see a high potency CBG hemp cultivar. Able to create CBG and CBGa (acid form) isolate. Will be some universities working on CBG this year in Canada.

    Here’s to your success!

    Best Regards,


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