Is Cannabis a Successful Psoriasis Treatment?

Cannabis is being used to treat pain and ailments like Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, and chemotherapy-induced nausea. There is growing evidence that cannabis may be helpful in treating a variety of conditions, including schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, can cannabis be used to cure psoriasis?

What is psoriasis?

An autoimmune condition known as psoriasis results in a fast buildup of skin cells. Because they are created so fast, immature skin cells may reach the skin’s surface. The result of this immature accumulation on the skin’s surface are elevated, itching areas covered in silvery scales. Inflamed areas of your body can also cause redness, swelling, and discomfort.

Psoriatic arthritis develops in around 15% of patients with psoriasis [1]. The joints become stiff and painfully swollen as a result of this ailment. It might potentially result in irreversible joint injury if left untreated.

The impact of psoriasis on mental health

Psoriasis frequently results in discomfort, exhaustion, and insomnia. The impact of psoriasis on your mental health may be severe.

People with psoriasis are more likely to experience sadness, anxiety, and suicide, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. According to a 2010 research in the Archives of Dermatology [2], persons who have psoriasis are 39 percent more likely than those who don’t to get depression. Additionally, they are 31 percent more likely to have an anxiety disorder.

Is cannabis a remedy?

Psoriasis is incurable and can be challenging to manage. Although there are many drugs and non-invasive treatments available for the condition, some of them have negative side effects or lose their efficacy as your body becomes resistant to them.

New treatment alternatives are required since psoriasis is so physically and psychologically taxing. One of the potential treatments being looked into is cannabis. Different facets of the condition are addressed in research on cannabis’ efficacy.

Slowing down of cell growth

According to several studies, cannabis may be helpful in keratinocytes’ fast proliferation. These are the juvenile skin cells that are present in psoriasis sufferers. Cannabinoids and their receptors may aid in regulating and limiting the formation of immature skin cells, according to one study [3]. Researchers also mention that psoriasis and wound healing, two illnesses requiring keratinocytes, may benefit from cannabis treatment.

Pain Alleviation

Cannabis is frequently used to manage pain. Opioids may not be as good in reducing acute and neuropathic pain as cannabis. According to a piece in Current Rheumatology [4], it could also help to lessen chronic pain. Cannabis may be useful for alleviating pain, according to a Journal of the American Medical Association report [5].

Regulating the immune system

Various studies suggest that cannabis lessens the degree of inflammation linked to some illnesses, including autoimmune disorders like psoriasis, while more study is required in this area. According to a study in the journal Pharmacology, cannabis might weaken the immune system [6].

The majority of study has been on edible forms of cannabis. Oil made from cannabis is also offered. Some patients believe that using this oil directly to their psoriasis decreases inflammation and slows down skin cell formation. These statements require further study to be validated.

Stress reduction

Stress and psoriasis are closely related, and studies have shown that THC can reduce stress [7]. While moderate dosages of THC help reduce stress, experts point out that bigger amounts may potentially have a detrimental impact on mood.

Should you use cannabis to treat your psoriasis?

Cannabis has potential for treating psoriasis symptoms. It is commonly known that cannabis can be effective in reducing pain. However, more analysis is required to establish if it is secure and efficient. More research is also required on cannabis usage practices. There are several ways to utilise cannabis, including:

  • pills
  • inhalants
  • vaporizers
  • tinctures

Always consult  with your doctor first

Is cannabis a viable option for your psoriasis treatment? Depending on where you reside. Cannabis can be used to treat psoriasis in some areas of the world. Consult your doctor to determine whether using cannabis is a good idea for you given your general health and state regulations.


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