Is Vaping Marijuana a Healthier Option Than Smoking?

When 364 persons were asked how they like to take their medicinal cannabis, 53 percent said they prefer to use a vaporiser. Vaping was a healthier option to other techniques like a pipe or a bowl for 80 percent of them, and 34.4 percent thought vaporisers gave the best symptom alleviation [1].

The sheer number of cannabis products available might make choosing the appropriate one for you difficult. Make sure you examine the benefits and drawbacks before deciding on a vaporiser.

What is Vaping?

Unlike conventional cigarettes, which burn leaves to produce smoke, vaporisers heat a material until it evaporates and is then inhaled using batteries and tiny metal coils. As a result, they’re also known as vapes, vape pens, and vaporisers. However, not all electronics evaporate in the same manner. When browsing at vaporisers, you’ll most likely come across three types of cannabis: herb, oil, and wax.

Herb Vaporizer

The dried cannabis flower is placed in a chamber in these vaporisers. The potent medicinal ingredients in the cannabis are supplied in a concentrated vapour as the gadget is heated.

The cannabis is heated to exactly the proper temperature to prevent it from burning, reducing any tar or carcinogens inhaled through a pipe or other combusted form. Many herb vaporizer include temperature settings that you may adjust to determine how much taste and vapour you inhale.

Oil Pens

Instead of dried marijuana, the oil pen contains an oil concentrate produced from the cannabis plant. Cannabis oil is frequently cut with other carrier oils, such as hemp oil, during the oil extraction process. As a result, vaporized oil is usually weaker than wax, but stronger than vaporised herb.

Oil pens are a popular choice among newcomers since they are simple to use and clean. You may buy a reusable vaporiser with oil cartridge attachments that come in a number of flavours and cannabis strains, or you can buy a single-use oil pen that is discarded as the oil runs out. A single oil cartridge can last up to a month.

Wax Pens

Wax is a semi-solid material produced from the cannabis plant that contains high levels of active chemicals. It is far more strong than herb or oil since it is not cut with other carrier oils. The mouthpiece, battery, and atomiser are the three major components of wax vaporisers.

The wax is purchased separately and placed in the atomiser, where it is heated and evaporated by a coil. Although wax is more costly and requires frequent reloading into the atomiser, some users believe that vaporising wax is the most effective approach to attain the desired therapeutic benefits owing to its intensity.

Is Vaping Better for Your Health Than Smoking?

Smoking anything, whether tobacco or marijuana leaves, is unquestionably harmful to one’s health. When you smoke, you inhale very heated material that irritates your lungs’ delicate tissue. Burning leaves can also produce chemical reactions, resulting in the inhalation of potentially hazardous chemicals, some of which have been related to cancer.

Vaporisers do not produce any heat. Instead, they heat THC-containing compounds to the point where they can produce an aerosol but not so hot that they combust. The aerosol created by vaporisers can feel much gentler on the lungs than the hot, harsh smoke produced by burning plants [2].

Are there Warnings?

While vaping pot may appear to be a less risky option to smoking, it is not completely risk-free. In addition to the health dangers linked with THC, vaping itself can be hazardous to one’s health [3].

People began coming to the hospital in early 2019 with a severe respiratory ailment that resulted in lung injury. In 80 percent of instances, the sickness has been related to the usage of THC-infused vaping goods. According to the CDC, there were 2,807 cases documented as of February 2020, with 68 persons dying. EVALI is the name given to the sickness (e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury) [4].

Are Vaporizers for Dry Herbs Safe?

Some vaporisers may be more beneficial to your health than others. To improve the flavour or consistency of a product, compounds in cannabis oils and waxes can be adulterated throughout the production process. When it comes to dried herbs, you usually get exactly what you see. In most cases, abnormalities in dried cannabis, such as mould, may be discovered at the shop.

When picking up dried cannabis for your vaporiser from a dispensary, ask to see a few different strains at the counter. Look for mould and sniff for mildew; black and white patches, as well as a layer of greyish-white fluff, are signals that the cannabis is starting to decompose.

Common Questions

When you vape cannabis, how long does it take for you to experience the effects?

The effects of vaping cannabis are comparable to those of smoking and can be noticed within minutes. If you’re new to vaping, start small and gradually increase your nicotine intake. You can take a bit extra if you don’t get the desired result after 15 minutes.

Is it safe to use CBD vape pens?

CBD vaping products’ safety is yet unknown. The majority of vape pens and carts are unregulated (with the exception of those from a medical marijuana dispensary). As a result, the components may differ and may contain substances connected to EVALI. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention warns against smoking nicotine or THC, but not CBD vape pens [4].

Is there a stench from vaping cannabis?

It is debatable. Vape carts emit a very slight aroma that rapidly fades, making them a covert way to inhale cannabis. Dry herb vapes have a stronger stench that can last up to 30 minutes in a room, but it’s simpler to disguise than smoking. Moreover, unlike smoking, vaping does not adhere to clothing or skin [7].

Which is healthier: smoking marijuana or vaping it?

Dry herb vaping is often regarded as the least dangerous method of inhaling cannabis [5]. Vape cartridges, on the other hand, have been associated to EVALI, a potentially fatal lung condition [4].

Word From The Wise

Although vaping marijuana exposes you to less hazardous components than smoking it, it is far from risk-free. To completely comprehend the health concerns linked with vaping in general and vaping products containing THC, much more study is required.

Talk to your healthcare practitioner about evidence-based treatment options if you or someone you know has a marijuana or other drug use issue.


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