GES has garnered attention from leading industrialists with our design and implementation of innovative, effective and sustainable techniques to extract, refine and isolate active pharmaceutical ingredients from botanical sources.

Ingredients that work

Pharmaceutical APIs

Crude, Full and Broad Spectrum Oils

What are Active Plant Oils?

GESLabs produces crude, full and broad spectrum phytopharmaceutical extracts. We can deliver extracts at various stages of the process lifecycle and further refine to remove waxes, lipids and impurities to deliver a standardized extract from most botanical inputs.

Isolated Actives

What are Isolated Actives?

Isolated actives are highly refined single molecule products with a purity of 98%+.

Healing from within

Wellness ANIs


What are Active Nano-Emulsions?

Increased your apoptogenic products bioavailability and application potential with GESLabs nano emulsions in both powder and liquid soluble formats. Our product enables typically hydrophobic molecules to become water miscible through special formulation and reduced particle size. Our precision engineered processes allow uniform dispersion and suspension in water based solutions.

Fungi Extracts

What are Fungi Extracts?

GESLabs makes use of a hybridised process to extract the active polysaccharides, ganoderic acids and beta Glucans from Medicinal mushrooms for inclusion in a broad range of powerful new biopharmaceutical products.

Sustainable By-Products

Plant Derivatives

Plant Waxes

What are Plant Waxes

Plant derived waxes for use in cosmeceutical bases and food products.


What are Terpenes?

These aromatic compounds create the characteristic scent of many plants and can be used in a variety of therapies, scent and food applications.

Interested in our products?

The GESLabs facility is fully equipped with state of the art equipment and a dedicated team. We are committed to delivering compliant active ingredients to your finished product. Get in contact with us.

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