Private label Services

Private Label Solutions

Our supply chain offers a wide range of chemovars and cultivation techniques for primary and secondary packaging solutions.

We work with clients to create custom solutions that meet their specific needs, from source to shelf. We take care of everything, from sourcing raw materials to packaging, manufacturing, and quality control.

We specialize in creating client-specific formulations, components, dosage formats, and regulatory control to ensure that each product meets the unique requirements of each patient.

We use validated processes for all our products, including specification sheets, validation protocols, batch release testing strategies, stability testing protocols, and intellectual property protection. With our expertise in pharmaceuticals and our commitment to quality, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible solutions for patient-specific requirements.

Product Development

We offer a range of novel and generic formulations and delivery methods to promote patient compliance. We work closely with clients to develop custom product development strategies and ongoing formulation strategies based on patient-doctor feedback loops. Our goal is to provide hyperfocused solutions that make doctors and patients our core focus in treatment.

Our product development strategies focus on creating best-practice formulations for enhanced bioavailability. Our strategies include the use of nanoemulsions and phospholipid nanovesicles, as well as inhalation formulations. These delivery methods offer effective ways to ensure patients receive the correct dosage and maximize the benefits of the medication.

Need a reliable manufacturer?

GESLabs works within a global network of industry experts and has extensive experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing. We have the capacity to up or down scale to meet a range of commercial order volumes.

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