The GESLabs team delivers a data-driven manufacturing solution with innovative, effective and sustainable techniques to extract, refine and isolate herbal extracts.

Excellence Standardised


GES Labs offerd contract manufacturing services based on client specific product specifications. Our GMP compliant manufacturing facility in Cape Town, South Africa offers our clients the following solutions:

Efficient by design


GES Labs incorporates advanced lab-scale product development on our clients existing or novel finished goods. Our product development laboratory assists in utilizing ingredients manufactured in-house as per client specifiations. Our product development laboratory is fitted witth state-of-the-art high shear homogenizers, ultrasonic processors, blenders and vacuum drying ovens for product development.

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Need a reliable manufacturer?

GESLabs works within a global network of industry experts and has extensive experience in botanical processing and bulk herbal extracts. We have the capacity to up or down scale to meet a range of commercial order volumes.

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