The GESLabs team delivers a data-driven manufacturing solution with innovative, effective and sustainable techniques to extract, refine and isolate Active Phytopharmaceutical Ingredients.

Excellence Standardised

Contract Manufacturing & Processing

GESLabs offers contract manufacturing services and client specific active ingredients, from sourcing through phytopharmaceutical standardisation. Our cGMP* facility in Cape Town, South Africa offers our clients an end to end processing and supply chain solution.

There are multiple benefits to utilising GESLabs for your production partner, namely:


Leverage GESLabs to process your own biomass into pharmaceutical or wellness actives. Based on client specifications, we deliver the highest quality phytopharmaceutical actives. Our data-driven process is developed in-house and optimizes the manufacture and traceability of bulk ingredients for end-products in the nutraceutical, cosmetic, dietary and pharmaceutical industries.

Need a reliable manufacturer?

GESLabs works within a global network of industry experts and has extensive experience in botanical processing and bulk active ingredient delivery. We have the capacity to up or down scale to meet a range of commercial order volumes.

Efficient by Design

Laboratory Services & Joint Ventures

Lab Services, Design and Compliance

GESLabs offers a variety of value addition and laboratory services including stability studies analytical testing, formulation and blending as well as liposomal nano encapsulation.

Our cGMP* compliant facility and process has been specifically designed to replicate. Our expansion strategy needs local partners to bring together our hard legislative understanding, process design and project implementation expertise to develop new regional phytopharmaceutical capacity. Our entire laboratory can be packed into two containers, shipped anywhere in the world and deployed with new partners for new markets.


Product Development

Develop your next product

Looking to develop and deploy a new product to market? We at GESLabs have both the specialised expertise and the state-of-the-art equipment to fulfil your requirements. We cater to startups, corporate, and everyone in the middle.

Our production chains are developed in house from the ground up, in order to ensure quality and quantity bulk ingredients for finished products in the nutraceutical, cosmetic, dietary and pharmaceutical industries.

GES Labs Botanical Manufacturing13

White Label Products

Grow your brand by focusing on your marketing and operations while we focus on your finished products.

Research & Development

Discovering new frontiers of medicine

GESLabs process capabilities are designed for efficiency and versatility. We can extract, isolate and refine active ingredients and plant derivatives from most biomass inputs. Our roots in South Africa’s Western Cape with its immense biodiversity and the potential for medicinal use is a daily inspiration to the GES team.

Our primary goal is to develop products that grow in conjunction with the ideals of a more natural world. Our expertise places an emphasis on the development of innovative green extraction technologies, turn-key solutions as well as cleaner, more holistic delivery methods for health products and nutraceuticals.

Our R&D focuses on the following elements in the botanical processing industry:

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