About Us

GESLabs is a phytopharmaceutical supplier in Cape Town, South Africa. We extract, manufacture and deliver bulk herbal extracts for global markets.

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Why we exist

Our goal is to develop quality-assured ingredients and world class technologies that promote a healthier world between the environment and society. GESLabs aims to develop the phytopharmaceutical industry for the future of health and wellness sectors to follow. GESLabs is committed to sustainable development. Our team streamlines projects and collaborations with local communities in Southern Africa, focussed on environmental education and entrepreneurship. The GESLabs manufacturing facility acts as a compliant and committed vehicle for African farmers to sell their harvest. We add value at every stage of the development lifecycle with by-product valorisation.

Our Story

Green Engineering Solutions (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2018 by a group of professionals in 2019 specialising in the field of herbal extraction. GESLabs has since designed and built some of the most successful botanical manufacturing facilities and laboratories in Southern Africa. 

In 2020, GESLabs built a flagship manufacturing facility perfectly situated in the Western Cape of South Africa, surrounded by an abundance of ethically sourced afro-botanicals.

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Our Technology

GESLabs has developed a world-class botanical manufacturing solution to deliver phytomedicinal active ingredients to global markets. GESLabs makes use of bespoke pharmaceutical-grade equipment and designed with reference to the EU GMP standards. Our systems can handle low batch volumes with a high throughput efficiency, giving our clients and us the versatility to process a variety of botanicals for cost-effective scalability from inception to shelf. Our in-house process controls, data optimisation algorithms and quality management system ensures delivery of best in class herbal extracts — every time.

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The Leading Edge

Why Phytopharmaceuticals

Phytopharmaceuticals are medicines with active substances derived exclusively from plants. Their efficiency can sometimes be drawn to an isolated active ingredient, but typically efficiency is found as a result of complex interdependencies with various active ingredients working together in a way that supports the natural representation of the plant. The healing properties of plant medicines have been established over thousands of years, and more recently boosted with a flood of new technical and clinical research.

A new wave of natural health and wellness is here and GESLabs is at the heart of phytopharmaceutical active ingredient delivery, leading naturally in quality and consistency.

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